Youth Development

Moserbaer Trust believes that youth and adolescents are a major stakeholder in ensuring sustainability of all development interventions. Their active participation is paramount for any society to progressively move towards its development ideal.

It is this belief that drives us to implement various programs like yUDAI and Cine Art which involves and engages the youth as well as adolescents to empower them to live dignified lives. Whereas yUDAI tries to empower adolescent and youth groups to be more active in articulating and achieving their development ideals Yuva tries to address livelihood concerns of youth in urban peripheries by skill enhancement programs.

yUDAI continues on our belief in the capacities of the individual. We believe that a vibrant and empowered youth… Read More

Like all other CSR initiatives of Moser Baer, Cine Art not only reaffirms our commitment towards environment, youth… Read More

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