Non-Timber Forest Produce

Anuppur is a district dominated by tribes whose one of the source of income has been from non-timbre forest products (NTFPs). Rearing and selling of lac particularly from PALAS tree historically has been one of the income sources under NTFPs. However, over the years due to adverse climatic conditions, non-availability of quality seed lac, scientific package of practice production of lac has been affected very badly that resulted into diminishing interest of lac rearing among local community.

With the aim to augment the income of our beneficiaries with other income generating interventions and at the same time rejuvenate and support the lac industry Moser Baer Trust envisaged a long term lac sectorial intervention. Under this intervention MBT has been providing critical inputs to the beneficiaries such as quality seed lac, necessary pesticides and implements, trainings and handholding.

MBT has started this intervention as pilot with RANGEENI lac production in one of its operation village with 10 beneficiaries in 2012. As the understanding of the sector grow and to address the vagaries of climate and market Moser Baer Trust diversified host plant and strain as it has introduced commercial host plant (semialataflemingia) that requires KUSUMEE strain which has the potential to give astonishingly high return. The intervention now has been benefitting to more than 325 families, both in PALAS and BER as host plants, including more than 90 % of tribal population.

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