SDGs recognise the intimate links between human well-being, economic prosperity and a healthy environment. SDG 2, particularly talks about ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition, and promoting sustainableagriculture. In a time climate change has further deteriorated the plight of distressed farmers, in terms of reduced rainfall and erratic monsoons causing droughts and floods, coupled with costintensive agriculture, a shift to chemical intensive commercial cropping, have created food insecurity in the country. A considerable share of food production comes from rain-fed agriculture in India; drought makes a very perceptible impact on populations, particularly those that are largely dependent upon agriculture and related occupations for their livelihood.Anuppur(where we operate) being a resource poor region for livelihoods, particularly on farm production vastly characterized by its poor soil fertility, high dependency on rain, lead to single cropping, information asymmetry, continuation of conventional practices etc. On the contrary, this region is endowed with rich natural resources like forest providing non timbre forest products as a source of livelihoods to the tribal population that constitute about 46% of the population in Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh.

Against this backdrop, the MoserbaerTrust started its livelihood intervention as SAFAL in Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh. The idea was to ensure round the year food sufficiency; and enable an additional income to every family to the tune of Rs. 25000-30000 per annum through several interventions.

The programs being run by the Trust to fulfill the objective of ensuring dignified livelihoods for all are:

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