Taleem as the name suggests is education in a very holistic sense. It is an attempt to address the issues plaguing education like lack of quality mainstream primary and secondary education, lack of participation of concerned stakeholders in the development of the child. This is done by providing appropriate services in the community, advocacy strategies and capacity enhancement of multiple stakeholders.

Working across 35 + slum clusters and villages across NOIDA Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh

Almost 1000 students have been mainstreamed.
More than 90 % of the mainstreamed students are still in school.

  • Large number of drop outs especially amongst migrant populations.
  • Lack of quality in delivery of education in both urban and rural settlements.
  • Lack of interest on part of the family and community in articulation and addressing the challenges in the system.
  • Proliferation of a segment in the population for whom formal education is not an option especially teenage girls.
  • Lack of exposure to new vistas in gaining skills to enhance employability.

  • Facilitating the readmission of drop-outs in the formal education system by advocacy with school authorities as well as priming the beneficiary for the same through bridge courses.
  • Advocacy with district education authorities to facilitate the mainstreaming of drop outs
  • Support classes for school going children to ensure retention.
  • Non formal classes and certification by competent authorities both for drop outs and whom mainstream education is not an option
  • Forming parents’ institutions to help them participate actively in ensuring quality education.

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