Digital Literacy Program

Computers applications have opened new vistas for employment and offer a wide knowledge base that ensures brighter career prospects. For the rural youth, especially those living in urban peripheries, a knowledge deficit in computers is the biggest challenge in achieving gainful employment.

It is this disadvantage, which Moser Baer Trust aims at addressing by providing essential computer training to students in their formative years and also the youth. Personality grooming sessions for the children are some of the major value additions which we have added to this program. Over the years the Trust has partnered with various like-minded organizations such as NASSCOM Foundation and Microsoft India for greater access to quality educational services for disadvantaged communities.

Working across 2 states.

Advanced Computer Programming Courses and Regular Personality Grooming Sessions for students of the program to help them prepare professionally.

The program has so far been able to train more than 2000 girls from underserved rural and urban migrant communities
Our centers use state of the art energy efficient systems like thin client system and in some cases solar powered centers

  • Lack of affordable computer education.
  • Even if available the quality of such institutes remains a question mark.
  • Youth from these communities are not able to enhance their employability owing to the lack of access.

  • Running DLP centers in local govt schools to help students enhance their understanding in the basics of computer programming
  • Running short term courses for the youth who desire such education to enhance their employability
  • Ensuring quality in services.
  • For the youth the program also arranges for Personality grooming sessions which adds to their employability.
  • Certification by the competent authorities like Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program and Moser Baer Trust

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