The Moser Baer Group of companies is one of India’s leading brands involved in diverse businesses such as technology, energy and mining. For us CSR is a way towards conducting business that achieves an integration of social economic and environmental imperatives at the same time addressing stakeholder expectations.

Understanding our developing country context community development is a major segment of our CSR framework and the Moser Baer Trust has been established as a dedicated vehicle to manifest our community development interventions.

The Trust came into existence in July 2005 and ever since its inception has been in the forefront in intervening with contiguous communities in assisting them to address the challenges they face. The Trust is committed to achieve the Country Development Goals as well as the Millenium Development Goals wherever it operates.

In its initial years, Moser Baer Trust began with providing health services to the nearby villages. With the passage of time, there came a shift in the modus operandi from service delivery to sustainability and empowerment. Moser Baer Trust has observed an organic growth in its operations and has been involved in designing and implementing need-based programs. Since then, Moser Baer Trust focusses its energies and resources on core developmental issues like Education, Youth development, Health, and Livelihoods for the targeted population.

Basic Principles








Our Approach

Our approach towards community development is defined by the four pillars of

Rights Based Interventions

Need Based Interventions


Constructive Partnerships

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